Comedy Sale has a MASSIVE endorsement

How’s about that, then? It’s only Laurence Llewellyn-frickin’-Bowen. I speak for us all when I say how honoured we are to have the people’s L-Bow drop an endorsement on CS.Com because, like violent fuschia and radioactive tangerine, LLB goes with simply anything, darling.

How did it happen? Well, I’ve got a sideline reviewing films for The Lady Magazine, which is  a super sweet gig. After a year of filing copy just in time, I’ve proved so borderline competent at this job they’ve allowed me to branch out into interviews – mostly with housewife heartthrobs. Having grilled Michael Flatley and Peter Bowles, LLB seemed the natural stop on my H.W.H. tour.

Thus, a couple of weeks back I pootled down to Countrysidefordshire to meet him and, his good lady wife*, Jacqui (first name terms, mwah).  They’re both charming, normal (though he did say: “When we started we didn’t even have publicists“, but then he realised what he said and laughed). and if they can think of a sexual innuendo, they’ll give you one. Buy some of their paint.

AnyWeiWei (free him now), a massive “Cheers, mate” to LLB for being so game (I said, game). He really didn’t have to do this. And mega-apols (megapols?) for making him almost miss his train.

* Ha! People who say “Good lady wife”.