Week 3, June 13-19: Sales Review

Well done Sales Team! This week, we’ve sold 25 tickets. High fives all round. Target achieved! What target? Good question. See, you don’t know but when I spoke to my life coach on Monday, he suggested I set a sales target and I chose 25 tickets. Sorry, I didn’t let you know that earlier, it looks as though I’m plucking numbers out of the air that perfectly match what is happening.

Now, I must admit I’m a little disappointed that this is less than last week’s haul of 34 but, we must remember (really, we’ve got to remember that guys – who’s taking minutes?), that included 26 being bought all in one go and you can’t factor one offs like that into the budget. Or can you?

Monday which saw the bulk of the sales activity. Honestly, the movie of that day would be like Boiler Room, except I’d be a woman and have a unicorn sidekick. Alfie surprised me in the British Library. I FourSquared my location, he tweeted me hard, popped in and – BOOM! 3 sold. A truly wonderful surprise as I wasn’t expecting it (that’s why it was a suprise, see?).

But Monday evening was the defining moment of Comedy Sale so far. After trailing my location on Twitter (ha! that sentence should be taken out and shot for being too social media-ey ). So, after trailing my arrival in Soho Square on Twitter, a few tweetards said me they’d pop by. But would they?

Yes. Bob Pipe, director of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape II: Cannibals Hate Fey Boys, was there to record the feeding frenzy, vid clip coming soon. Honestly, it was like Justin Bieber walking through¬† tween HQ after they’ve been watching outtakes from Non-Threatening Boys Go Wild. It was super to meet Elaine, the first person to ask for a ticket, Andy McHaffie (the man who got the scoop on the show on his blog back in March – good job citizen journalist), Tazape and Fran Payne. They’re all lush.

While having a celebratory shandy (it’s what I’m reduced too) Andrew West popped by for a few tickets, which felt delicious. Drinking pint, man gives money for paper, go capitalism. After that it was up to the house of Neil Faz. I kissed his daughter on the head.¬† Standard. Did a gig that night sold tix to Freya Elliot, the promoter, and her boyf Si. Time for bed, 18 tickets sold, no sweat, 25 days like that and I’m done.

Sadly, momentum was lost over the week. Wednesday saw Charlotte and George, both friends of mine, buy tickets – the first two to do so, which is poor form really. The following day it was off to BBC Towers to sell another five to Matt Guenicault, and Albion Gray. Matt does something in the BBC that means he has the words social media in his job title. Have a feeling there’ll be quite a few of those types there on October 14th.

That is the review of the week. Tell you the truth, it is more a blow by blow account of the week. Hmmmm….maybe I should try to have this more forward looking and general, and review the tickets as I sell them. Yes, that would make more sense.

This week I shall try to post sales as they happne, and the target is 35 tickets.

68 tickets sold. 432 to go.