The Sydney Opera House: Update

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that I want to play the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. What you don’t know, but will soon learn, is why I just spent ten minutes googling stills from the movie Scarface, and trying to find pictures of toes.

Why would anyone do that?

And now you know.

On with the Sydney update. So, as it stands the Sydney Opera House have told me I can’t play the Concert Hall. This is annoying as I think it would be HILARIOUS to play there. Little old me on the grandest stage of all, with 2000 motherfolkers who I have met before.

Not only does that impediment exist but I have learnt that the Opera House costs a tiny bit more to hire than I thought. I knew the deposit cost $20 000 but I didn’t know the rest of the rental took it up to $54 000 all told.


Also, it really breaks the business model of the show. 2000 people at $30 each, minus 10% sales tax, means that if I sell out I lose money. Take into account that you shouldn’t plan on selling out then, guess what?, it becomes way too expensive.

The alternative would be to crank tickets up to $40 apiece. This would still mean I’d have to sell 1500 tix to not lose money on merely the venue hire, yet alone having money for food, rent, floor length mink coats, ocelots, charabancs, footmen, vicodin, cough medicine, poppers, antiquaries, relics of the true cross, and other essentials.

Not only that, but 40 buckeroos a pop does seem a bit dear. The show’s funny but is it that funny? Hmmmm….questions, questions, questions.

Howevs, if you would like to see the show in Sydney then please show your support on this facebook event. The date will move until we have one. Join up. Let’s make this happen.