Thanks! Soz about Chat Roulette

Hey, everyone who came to Comedy Sale in Melbourne, thanks so much for coming! It was a true deeeeelite to play for you. You might have been able to tell that I was having a fantastic time.

Let’s quickly replay the highlights:

1. Michael de Bruyn saying “Trade union boss”.

2. Berni Moore’s thinly veiled slightly passive aggressive FB updates.

3. Paul’s porno play.

4. My face dripping with cream.

5. Not the ‘Chat Roulette’.

Yep, super sorry about the Chat Roulette not working. That was a bag of mega-cox. Why did it happen like that? Who knows? Fuck computers.

But a particular shout out has to go the Yarraville and Footscray Marching Band and Fixate, the choir. Dear God, those guys did good. A similar shout out goes to the wonderful dancers we had. Me fusing with the dancers in some sort of contemporary dance ball was some sort of dream of mine.

A+ to everyone. So. Much. Fun.