Sydney Comedy Sale: Launch Party (Aug 25th, 2 pm).

Goodbye Melbourne and “Hello Sydney!”. It’s my last day in Melbourne and I just can’t wait to get to Sydney. At last! Civilisation! Jeez, have you seen the sport they watch here? AFL! Remember, that AFL stands for You Have Got To Be Kidding Me – This Shit Is Boring.

The only thing worse than the sport is the people. Woah! “Hey, d’you got any mayonaise for those chips on your shoulders?”. As soon as they accept they are Australia’s second city the better (unless you’re ranking them by pretentiousness! AmIright?). You’re not a truly Australian city unless you’ve got a good beaches, fantastic race riots and that’s enough of playing the Melbourne v Sydney game.

Tomorrow I will be in Sydney. There is the ‘Comedy Sale Launch Party’ in the East Village Hotel, Darlinghurst. I would love to meet you, you’ll be able to get a ticket, and then play some games. So many fun games!

Comedy Sale Launch Party

Time: 2pm – late

Location: East Village Hotel

Address: 234 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst, 2010

FB Event: Say ‘Yes‘ here.

That’s it guys. Can’t wait to see you.