Rushing rushing rushing. Walking walking walking.

From the moment we landed in this very big very hot country we have been on the go. That is no surprise. I’m trying to do some silly silly tour and it is my idea so no one else to blame but me. But it is still tiring. When this is mixed in with a nice dollop of jetlag things can get a bit much.

For instance, yesterday I got up at 4 to get the 6.45 flight to Adelaide. Then I had to dash to Office Works to get some tickets and flyers printed because I had announced the launch of Comedy Sale (launch? Seriously?) on the radio and it would be a bit rubbish without tickets.

From there we had to go to Victoria Square for that. After Victoria Square we headed to Eden Hills, to find the house of Frazer Nelson, the self-empowerment guru we’re staying with before we headed back into the city to start selling tickets as it was the opening of the Garden Of Unearthly Delights – a venue at the Adelaide Fringe.

Bed was achieved at about midnight.

I know this business is not coal mining. I AM NOT FIGHTING THE WAR IN AFGHANISATION but I am still quite crackered.

What I mean by this is that when things calm down a bit, I hope to be able to keep you guys up to date with everything. Hope you’re well.