On Momentum

I’ve been back in Melbourne for a week now and I’m just starting to get going. Jetlag hasn’t helped matters that is for sure. But when you combine jetlag with my ability (some ability) to use any excuse not to work, mix it with some lack of momentum, then you’ve got a recipe for afternoon naps.

Me, soon.


Sanderson Jones is sitting at his desk trying to get his weekly comedy night off the ground. He looks distracted, then yawns.


“Gosh, it’s 3 in the afternoon and I feel a little bit tired. It must be the jetlag. Guess I’m allowed to have a bit of a kip.”

He goes to bed.


And I have not been helping my body readjust. The whole jist of modern post-long haul flight body clock adjustment theory is to get your circadian rhythm aligned with the timezone, and not give into your latitudinally displaced brain’s desires.

Thus on Tuesday I woke up, head clear as a bell, at 2.52 am. What should I have done? Rolled over and tried to get to sleep. What did I done? Read A Song of Fire and Ice, the third book in The Game of Thrones saga, for 6 and a half hours straight.

Fuck’s sake! I started those books the Friday before last and have already knocked three on the head. Reading 2300 pages of medievalesque fantasy novels in less than two weeks is God’s way of telling you ‘GROW THE FUCK UP, DICK’EAD’.

That being said I’m starting to get my ducks in a row (and we all know how important aligned ducks are). I’ve finally got the flyers redesigned, the tickets have been ordered, the venue is chosen and now I just need to start working out how to get people to the show.

I’m intrigued to see what my new workflow will be. Am I going to be walking the street? Should I get some posters up? Will I find someone to make videos with? Ho hum.

Oh, it’s worth mentioning that me getting my a. into g. was greatly helped by doing a funds count. After I’ve paid my rent this month there is not much cash left. Just the sort of thing that will make me do a thing.