Welcome to ComedySale.com: Sanderson Jones’ stand up mission

Hello I’m Sanderson Jones, and this is the first step in my mission to personally sell all the tickets to a massive gig in October. The idea started at the Edinburgh Fringe festival last year, when I sold tickets to my own stand up show on the street. Having once been a door-to-door salesman in the South of France (considerably less like a porn film than you’d think), chatting to festival goers enjoying themselves in the sun was a cinch and, even better, was playing to a crowd of folk I’d met before.

Doing gigs where I’d personally begged/persuaded the vast majority of the audience to come, crossed some weird boundary of intimacy (not weird like that). Clearly mystical juju takes place when the balance of power is altered, like a million souls crying out at once. As the festival continued a few thoughts coalesced into this idea (creativity in action!): if I could sell that many tickets to 25 shows, wouldn’t it be even more ridiculous to sell all the tickets to one big show?

Yes. Yes it would.

Here’s a video that some idiot’s done explaining ComedySale.Com:

Boy, he needs a hair cut.

Before I started there had to be a few rules. Rules that made sure that I met everyone, as well as giving me a faint chance of making it, and these are they:

1. No internet sales.
2. No venue sales.
3. No phone sales.
4. Delivery free in Central London.*
5. Delivery outside Central London costs apply.**

It means that if someone sees this on the internet (btw, if you LOVE the internet, you are my target audience), we can arrange to meet up. I’ll stop there, the genesis of the rulez can be explained in another post (me = CONTENT PROVIDER).

On October 14th 2011 I have rented 500 seats of the Union Chapel, a beautiful venue in Islington. Are you free? Of course you are. It’s AGES away.

I’ll be out selling tickets on the street but we can also arrange to meet, Email sanderson [at] comedysale [ dot ] com or tweet @comedysale. I’ll publish where I am during the week on the I want a ticket page, and you should follow my FourSquare.

The show will be geeky, silly, and occasionally a little rude (but never malicious). One way of knowing it’s not for you is reading this:

And if you love Venn diagrams, then roll up, roll up.

Please stay tuned to ComedySale.com because there’ll be videos, blog posts and all manner of jolity. I really can not wait to get started.

Tweet me up, email and: Hey! Ho! Let’s go! Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

*At a time that is mutually convenient to both of us.

**Still at a mutually convenient time. Just because you’re paying for transport doesn’t mean you can get all: “Hey, Sanderson, when I said I want it at 2 in the morning, I meant, at 2 in the morning. Not five past two. Not ten past two. And certainly not fifteen minutes past two. Here’s £20. And keep the change you filthy animal“.