Goodbye, Melbourne.

Today is my last day in Melbourne. [Cue violin soundtrack over grainy black and white slo montage of good times in Melbourne – Me, handing out flyers. Me, walking along Smith Street. Me, doing a show. Me, high fiving. Me, sharing a laugh with my housemtes. End montage].

It is a very sad day. Being in Melbourne for almost 5 months has been exceptional. I arrived here with a business model that involved doing one big show every month, with a tour of Perth, Darwin and Brisbane lined up. It was my experience in Melbourne that showed the best way to do Comedy Sale was as a weekly night.

This really changed things. Instead of having to galavant around the country, I can have a bit of stability, and get more work done. Sadly, there’ll be no exciting documentary of me doing cool things in exciting places but that can wait.

In my time here I’ve met so many great people, made some really good friends and now look forward to when I return, to perform comedy to people I know and like. Over 10, 20, 30 years, I’ll see the same faces, find out what has happened, and have an incredible connection to my audience.

For that, Melbourne, I say thank you. You were great. x