First Sales! W00t!

Yesterday I made the first sales of comedy sale tickets in Australia, and at a stroke, the world’s most bizarre sales and marketing operation, went intercontinental. Boo ya.

Shane Cassidy bought the  ticket. In  a great omen I didn’t even have to sell the damn thing. There I was on the phone to the Adelaide Advertiser, with some journo called Antimo trying to work out why on earth I’d like to ignore all the quick and easy ways of selling tickets, when Tom (le cameraman) says: “This man wants to buy a ticket”.

This man was Shane. This is his picture.

Ticket buyer number 1.

It begins.

The next two tickets went to the photographer who was taking my picture

Four and five to Geordan Dragos – a listener of The Doctor on Triple J.

This is how the sales look so far.

Some way to go.

That is quite depressing.