Comedy Sale London, we are on a break.

Hey guys, and ‘Woah!’, what the hell just happened? One minute I was plodding along doing an phenomenally innovative interactive digital comedy show called Comedy Sale, the next The Sunday Assembly just EXPLODES.

But srsly forks it has been a bizarre start to the year. In case you haven’t been following my Twitter feed, let me updart yow. On January 6th Pippa Evans and I had the first service of the Sunday Assembly – think part-foot stomping show, part-atheist church, all celebration of life.

I was hoping against hope to get about 40 people to this free event. 40 people would have been fine. Look, I’ve promoted free shows in London before. You’d think it would guarantee an audience, but free means nothing to these people.

Then suddenly 200 people turned up. Then it went in every single newspaper in the world. I WROTE SOMETHING THAT WAS IN THE NEW YORK TIMES. It was in the BBC, The Guardian and loads of other stuff. Then the MBC (the pan-Arab version of NBC) interviewed me, with some Russian people coming this Saturday and Brazilian, French and German TV all waiting in the wings.

What I am saying is that I am going to have to have a little break from Comedy Sale London. Sunday Assembly is going bonkers (there are over 170 people who want to start their own Sunday Assemblies) and that will take some organizing.

And you know how good I am at organizing.

I will still be doing Comedy Sale at the Glasgow Comedy Festival, but I just have to put the London adventure on hold for a bit.

That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped doing Comedy Sale forever, or that I’ve stopped loving Comedy Sale. Hey Comedy Sale, look at me. You mean A LOT to me. You’ll always have a place in my heart. I just need some space. OK? I love you too. I do. It’s just, maybe. Maybe. Maybe, I’m not in love with you. Don’t cry. Comedy Sale, give me a smile. That’s better. Love you. Bye….