Comedy Sale goes weekly.

One of the fun things about Comedy Sale is that at the end of the show I get naked and finger myselfI get to choose what happens next, like those Choose Your Own Advernture books. You remember? The ones that involved warlocks, and wizards and dice and dwarves and very few strong female characters.

Classy as fuck.

I used to read them all the time when I was a childling because I liked the fact that you could win at books. In fact, I hated losing so much that instead of rolling the dice and seeing whether I beat the angry Orc in the Balin’s Codpiece Emporium, I’d just assume that I’d won and then choose the next page. “Oh, I just killed a Cruncher, well done me, I’m going to go to page 213”. The door you opened has a trapdoor full of spikes and you die. “Well, how about I just go back to the Codpiece Emporium, through the magick of turning pages, and go to page 156 instead”. You find the sword, and your kingdom is restored. “Oh, look, I win again. Aren’t these books fun?”.

So, what I like about choosing my own adventure is that the one big show was getting a bit much, so now I’m doing a weekly night. It is going to be every Wednesday at 8.30 pm at the The Soft Belly Bar (367 Little Bourke Street). The adventure now consists of me trying to find new tactics to get people along to it. Or marketing, as it is also known.

Please do pop along. I’m still selling all the tickets by hand. Email here, text 0411048656 or tweet @sandersonjones, and I will deliver a ticket to you.