Comedy Sale Adelaide: Is it going well? Or awfully?

Hey guys, just thought I’d share some charts which show the progress of ComedySale.Com Adelaide. I can’t tell whether it’s going well or badly. I had expected to sell more tickets by now, so that is disappointing. However, the rate of sales is increasing.

You be the judge:

'208 down, 892 to go', as they say

Looks a little scary with three weeks to go but then look at this:

The ticket rate is climbing (so is the required ticket rate)

And this just scares the bejeebles out of me:

Should sell out in May 2013 (approx)

I don’t know whether that’s good or bad. What I do know, is that it is annoying that I lost the tour credit cards as we have quite a few creditors after us. OOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPSSSSS.

On that note, I’m off to Rundle Mall to sell some tickets.