A Change of Direction

Some wise old bird said “If you want to make God laugh, first tell him your plans”. But what the fuck does that mean? God must also laugh at the obnoxious tripping on banana skins, pianos being pushed up stairs and fat men in small trousers. No? And does he laugh at all plans? Because Procter and Gamble’s Q2 Below The Line Marketing Strategy for Central Europe is probably pretty dull.

This picture is the top result on Google Images when you search for plan.

I think the idea is that God finds it particularly droll when a pathetic little human thinks too far ahead. Human: “Oh, I’ve just got married to a lovely husband and we’re going to have a kids in two years time”. God: “Oh, yeah, bitch. You want children? Well…” – BOOM! – “Look who’s barren now”. (Look Who’s Barren Now should be the prequel to the Look Who’s Talking… series).

This is all a build up to me changing plans with Comedy Sale. The idea had been to come to Adelaide and Melbourne, then go to Perth, going to some out of the way spots in WA and the Northern Territory and heading down the east coast, before accepting the keys to the City of Sydney.

That is not happening.

Going to towns where I didn’t know anyone, there is no festival and just doing big shows slightly depends on us having a larger online presence. Then I could rock up, and people might know I was coming.

That has not happened.

Having told God one plan, I’m now going to tell him another. Instead of going to new cities, ComedySale.Com will stay camped in Melbourne for the next two to three months. Instead of doing one big show (which is a lot of fun), I’ll do weekly smaller shows.

There are a couple of venues that will give me a space for free. So instead of having to cough up a skazillion dollars in rent and deposit, I can build it up. The other advantage is word of mouth. The ish with doing one big show is that it happens so infrequently, folk can’t talk about it.

Obviously, it does mean it will be slightly less spectacular – i won’t be able to find a choir, brass band and contemporary dancers every weekbut I’m super excited by getting more intimate.

There, that is what is happening, God, and if you don’t like it you can swivel.