8 days before Oz, and I quit the day job

Alright, thought I should keep you guys updated on ComedySale.Comnews. The tour is kicking off in only 8 days. That is when my plane flies out from Heath-frickin’-Row (it’s like death row but heathier).
Oooh, then I am in Australia and the clock is ticking. By the clock ticking I mean, I am spending money and not earning any money. Today I quit the job that paid me a good deal of my not very high […]

I've become a street performer! Not! I've booked the building on the left.

Comedy Sale Adelaide: Thursday March 22nd

Right, this time it is for keeps and for real, which is just about as dramatic as you can get. After the slight misstep announcing a show in Tasmania, and then cancelling it, I will now announce a show in Adelaide and DEFINITELY DO IT.
Thursday March 22nd – Adelaide Town Hall – Adelaide (Facebook Event)
I mean, check out the venue I’ve got lined up:
It is called the Adelaide Town Hall and it is the Town […]

So that, my friends, is the plan.

Comedy Sale Australia: Tour Dates so far

It is with much excitement, and no little fanfare (in fact, little fanfare), that I can announce the tour dates for Comedy Sale Australia. So far there are three Comedy Sales booked in, with more to be added, and I am super excited by the entire enterprise.
I can’t wait to spend time in some awesome Australian city, hang out with the natives and then do a bloody great show at the end. The final goal […]

Tasmania is off

Hey guys, short little post to say that, sadly, the Tasmania gig has been pulled. I am in the middle of some boring TV contract bullshit and before I got that sorted, I couldn’t leave. It’s the first time that I have got entangled in any form of television conversation, and it is a shame that we weren’t able to sort it out.
On the plus side, even though nothing good has come of it, it’s […]

Comedy Sale. Next Stop: Tasmania

Hey guys, I have super exciting news. Comedy Sale is on the march again and, as indicated in the title of the blog post, the next stop is Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, Oceania, the world, the Solar System, the Universe.
Yes, I will be visiting Hobart, Australia’s capital of cafeteria shootings and boredom, to spread the joys of Comedy Sale.
It is kinda SUPER UNBELIEVABLY EXCITING AND I REALLY AM PUMPED!!! Honest. I’m stoked. I’ve been wanting to […]

Comedy Sale is hitting Clonmel, Ireland: November 19th

So it came to pass that on November 19th 2011 (which is in the future so it hasn’t come to pass but let’s not be pedants – we are SOOOO over that) that Comedy Sale will hit the Clonmel Comedy Festival. To be sure.
I, Sanderson Jones, am performing the comedy show that I really adore at:
Location: O’Keeffe’s,
Address: Hearn Hotel, Parnel Street, Clonmel, To be sure.
Time: 8.30 pm
Date: Saturday November 19th
Quality: Exceptional.
This show is different to […]


It’s five days after Comedy Sale and I’m just starting to come down. Boy! That was wonderful. You were wonderful. There’s not much to say except:

We either die as individuals. Or we laugh. As a team.

Thank you. You are amazing.

There are only a certain amount of hours (that I can’t be bothered to work out) to go before ComedySale.Com kicks off in the Union Chapel. Now, to any of you who spend any time reading this blog (if it can be called that considering the IRREGULARITY of the posting) and my various tweet networks, I just want to say sorry for all the times I’ve bitched about Comedy Sale.
“Oh, I’ve got a sign with […]

:-( miss u

If Steve Jobs went to hell….

Sold 500 tickets. Got 350 more. New mission.

This post will be longer later but for now I just want to say that I have received another 350 tickets. The original plan, that I thought I had no way in hell of completing, was to sell 500 tickets.
That was achieved.
Now there are 350 more to sell in 9 days. It will be a push that is for sure as eggs is eggs (they are). Drop me a line if you want one. These […]