Yo Dawg!

Can’t Talk. Busy in Tellyland.

The one thing that this blog is agreed upon is that I am a srsly big deal and this blog should be ever so slightly thankful that it can even book me. Need proof, doubting Mustapha?
Reasons I am a big deal:
1) Have own blog.
2) Have own MacBook that is only 3 and a half years old.
3) Have own brogues (minus laces (not for fashion reasons but because the laces broke and I am taking ages […]

Thanks Adelaide. Thanks for the Fruchocs.

Adelaide, I thank you. I thank you on this blog, a wounded afterthought of trying to keep the wheels on the train (I wrote that sentence quickly and have decided to preserve the three unintentionally mixed metaphors).
Here’s what I want to do:

Write hilarious blog posts.
Upload wicked vlogs
Tweet constantly
Exercise more
Eat veg
Be better

Not all of these things are happening. But my desire to do so continues unabated.
My other desire is to say: THANKS VERY MUCH ADELAIDE. Y
ou […]

VIDEO: Trolling the Rundle Mall Preachers

The Rundle Mall preachers are a bunch of obnoxious Christian turdingers who spend as much time as possible shouting their archaic nonsense at the general public.
Think the Westborough Baptist Church but without the branding created by a consistent slogan (For more info read my research paper God Hates Fags: Bigotry and Branding in a Crowded Market).
This is a video of me having some fun with them.

'208 down, 892 to go', as they say

Comedy Sale Adelaide: Is it going well? Or awfully?

Hey guys, just thought I’d share some charts which show the progress of ComedySale.Com Adelaide. I can’t tell whether it’s going well or badly. I had expected to sell more tickets by now, so that is disappointing. However, the rate of sales is increasing.
You be the judge:
Looks a little scary with three weeks to go but then look at this:
And this just scares the bejeebles out of me:
I don’t know whether that’s good or bad. […]

VIDEO: Me Chilling With Adelaide Uni Cheerleaders

Last week I spent a couple of super fun days at Adelaide Uni O’Week. The O stands for Orientation, and also ‘O My Gosh going to uni in the sun would be fun’.
I sold some tickets, met some folk and high fived the shit out of it. Enjoy the video after the jump.

Comedy Sale Australia has an awesome new video

Hey guys, Tom and I have been beavering away at a video that introduces the whole tour. We are trying to make it look EXCITING. Then people will want to SEE IT. Then we can have TREBLE MEGA FUN TIMES.

Rushing rushing rushing. Walking walking walking.

From the moment we landed in this very big very hot country we have been on the go. That is no surprise. I’m trying to do some silly silly tour and it is my idea so no one else to blame but me. But it is still tiring. When this is mixed in with a nice dollop of jetlag things can get a bit much.
For instance, yesterday I got up at 4 to get the […]

Some way to go.

First Sales! W00t!

Yesterday I made the first sales of comedy sale tickets in Australia, and at a stroke, the world’s most bizarre sales and marketing operation, went intercontinental. Boo ya.
Shane Cassidy bought the  ticket. In  a great omen I didn’t even have to sell the damn thing. There I was on the phone to the Adelaide Advertiser, with some journo called Antimo trying to work out why on earth I’d like to ignore all the quick and […]

In happier times.

Abu Dhabi Delerium

I am in Abu Dhabi airport and I am going mad. Did not realise that I had a freaking 12 hour stop over. Not any old 12 hour stop
over, either. No, this one is through the dead of night.
Empty corridors, shiny floors, expensive leather goods, and Hari, the Nepalese guy who wants me to buy Gucci sunglasses or a Dunhill tie.
Hari was the highlight of the past 5 hours. “Dunhill tie, only $90”.
Srsly, feels […]

Dildo: Model's own (supplier www.LoveHoney.co.uk)

On Packing

Crunch time. We all know what ‘crunch time’ sounds like – crunch – but what does it mean? Not much. Nevertheless with my flight leaving on Friday morning, I am getting close to ‘crunch time’ and there’s still so much to be done. Redesign flyers. Get insurance. Rearrange flights. Panic. But more important than all that is packing.
And ‘packing’ is the hardest word. Closely followed by sakjfdohafkjdjjjjisweljxdlkvjhxjsdlajfojefadnfajfoiddjoahweuhmqlojmf. Here’s why:
One day while consuming content from a […]