ComedySale.Com is the world’s only 100% hand sold comedy show. Since 2011 the show Sanderson Jones’ personal interactive approach has taken the 2011 Edinburgh festival by storm (for reviews etc go to the hideously sycophantic press page), played to a 800 person audience at the Union Chapel and, in September 2012, it rocked out the Sydney Opera House with a sold out show.

ComedySale.Com is now enjoying a weekly residency in London at The Star of King’s Pub in King’s Cross every Wednesday night. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening Sanderson sells tickets on the streets of East London, by day he delivers them across the city.

His most exciting recent delivery was to the Biology department of Queen Margaret’s University. After selling a bunch of tickets, the professor asked him if he’d like to see some severed heads. What with the overwhelming tendency of one thing to lead to another, I was soon cradling embalmed human face in my rubber-gloved hand (ach! I bust out of the third person there. Sorry!).

If you want to come to the show email sanderson [at] comedysale [dot] com, tweet @sandersonjones or text 07886602669. I will then get a ticket to you at a time and place that is mutually convenient.

The plan for 2013 is to write a new show for Edinburgh, then try to convince all the folk who saw the residency to come to one mega show somewhere awesome. The Royal Albert Hall, maybe?

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