125-126: Flirty Nick

By now, gentle reader, (are there any readers? Pretty sure there aren’t. The blog is, now you mention it, just a selection of photos, with numbers by them, and me trying to be as funny as possible, as quickly as possible, while my mind runs through the 40 million things I need to do for Edinburgh, where, soon, I will stand in front of 30-60 people for one hour and try to entertain them with bullshit FROM MY BRAIN and if isn’t funny SHITWILLBEPAINFUL), you will have realised my headlines don’t bear much relation to the person they describe.

Nick Chase isn’t that flirty. Unlike his twitter handle @NickChaseMe. Hello, sailor. Ooooh, you’re looking big. Working out again, I see. When you’re bored pumping iron…..

I met Nick and Daniel in the Star and Garter Pub on Poland Street. I had to leave to see Arriety, the beautiful new Studio Ghibli movie, they stayed and had a drink together. That seemed nice. Two strangers chatting.