VIDEO: Me Chilling With Adelaide Uni Cheerleaders

Last week I spent a couple of super fun days at Adelaide Uni O’Week. The O stands for Orientation, and also ‘O My Gosh going to uni in the sun would be fun’.
I sold some tickets, met some folk and high fived the shit out of it. Enjoy the video after the jump.

Comedy Sale has a MASSIVE endorsement

How’s about that, then? It’s only Laurence Llewellyn-frickin’-Bowen. I speak for us all when I say how honoured we are to have the people’s L-Bow drop an endorsement on CS.Com because, like violent fuschia and radioactive tangerine, LLB goes with simply anything, darling.
How did it happen? Well, I’ve got a sideline reviewing films for The Lady Magazine, which isĀ  a super sweet gig. After a year of filing copy just in time, I’ve proved so […]