Close Encounters of the Wonderful Kind

I’ve been selling tickets for a week now and already I’ve met some really wonderful people. Indeed one meeting, in particular, has impressed me, though for various reasons (none of them salacious) it can’t be neatly summed up in a post.
Tomorrow I will chair a meeting at a Waggener Edstrom PR company, when I meet PR Geek.
My life is going to be stranger.

And if you love Venn diagrams, then roll up, roll up.

Welcome to ComedySale.com: Sanderson Jones’ stand up mission

Hello I’m Sanderson Jones, and this is the first step in my mission to personally sell all the tickets to a massive gig in October. The idea started at the Edinburgh Fringe festival last year, when I sold tickets to my own stand up show on the street. Having once been a door-to-door salesman in the South of France (considerably less like a porn film than you’d think), chatting to festival goers enjoying themselves in […]

ComedySale.com is, more, importantly almost upon you

Ha! Look at me just one post back being all rude and “I’m the centre of the Universe. Who moved my cheese!”. This site is pretty much entirely about you-hoo, the internet people.
I really hope this is a place where you can come and have fun.
I will try my hardest to do that. Let’s make a party. It’s going to get beefy.

It’s almost upon me

Right, this is nerve wracking (no this is nerve wracking). Tomorrow this site will go live and, after beavering away at it behind the scenes, ComedySale.com will be unveiled/unleashed/underwhelming (delete as appropes). After so much time working on it, and delays, and delays, and delays (did you know I first thought it would kick off in January? No. Of course you didn’t. There’s no way you could), the time for delaying is over.
To people who […]

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

ComedySale.com is a project I’m starting.
It’s going to be fun.