Beer Pong and Boardgames: The Comedy Sale Meet Up: September 4th

Hello Team Players, Future Hall of Famers and Proto-Champs! I am pleased to announce ‘Beer Pong and Boardgames’ – first comedy sale meet up – on Sunday September 4th. Huzzah! And triple hurrah!
Yes, splendid people we can spend a whole afternoon trying to bounce ping pong balls into little red cups, or crush each other in fiendish strategy games. Who’s up for Settlers?
The thinking behind the meet up goes thus: it has been really fun […]

10 days until the Fringe starts

Gulp. The Fringe starts in 10 days. As per usual I’m on the shit / wonderful rollercoaster. Today I think that everything will be OK. On Thursday, that was less evident. The show has got a slightly saggy 10 minutes in the middle but it is tightening up all the time. Not know it isn’t, I’m doing this.
My mid-week mini-crisis now seems a distant memory. The panic over having to sell 29.8333 tickets per week […]

Claire's delightful: I didn't even write about her because I'm tired.

Sales Review: Week 7 – Apologies for the lateness

Before I present the sales review for the week 11th July – 17th July, I would like to apologise to you, the board, for its extreme lateness. This report was due on your desk/computer screen on Monday 18th. As part of a responsive and proactive salesforce, I know how important this feedback is to you, and the rest of the team.
At times like this I’d love to find an unsuspecting soul and blame the tardiness […]

Panic Stations?

Dearie me, 3 days is a long time in bizarre, interactive, online comedy sale missions. Just 3 nights ago I wrote I was “Relaxed and Refreshed” – well isn’t that a steaming pile of presumption?
R and R’ed I might have been, that is no longer the case. The show has no ending, ticket sales are slowing, filming the next video looms Everest-like and incorporating daily Edinburgh events into my Fringe show is proving intractable.
My […]

Sales Review – Week 6: Relaxed and Refreshed

I’d like to say I’m back and better than ever but, after a week in Ibiza, that is rarely true. I am back and will soon be back to normal – or will I?
After a week away there is much to catch up on. The ticket sales have shot up to 114 and I think my target by the end of the week is 150. It is a lot, but it should make up for […]

Mozza, Jazz, Crazy Pete, Beardo, Hass man and the boys.

Comedy Sale rests for one week.

Well, it’s already been a month of work and, frankly, I need a break. Honestly, stand up is LITERALLY the toughest job in the world. Combining stand up with selling tickets is, well, it’s adjacent to lunacy.
In order to gather strength, regain composure and enter a zen-like state of bliss, I will be entering a silent monastery to meditate, flagellate and purge.
Thus ComedySale.Com will be paused for seven days, during this rigorous cleansing process. But, […]

Selling Tickets on the Street is HARD (video)


Week 3, June 13-19: Sales Review

Well done Sales Team! This week, we’ve sold 25 tickets. High fives all round. Target achieved! What target? Good question. See, you don’t know but when I spoke to my life coach on Monday, he suggested I set a sales target and I chose 25 tickets. Sorry, I didn’t let you know that earlier, it looks as though I’m plucking numbers out of the air that perfectly match what is happening.
Now, I must admit I’m […]

He mends clocks.


Meet Alfie. Alfie mends clocks. Alfie also came to see me in the British Library after I FourSquared my location. He demonstrated his wiseness by saying this was the first useful interaction that has happened on FourSquare. That is probably right.
I am trying to work out whether I should Twitpic all the people I meet, or post them. I’ll work it out. In the meantime, thanks for buying three tickets Alfie.