Glasgow, I need your help.

Glasgow, I need your help.

People of Glasgow, I am fucked.
Now, don’t go blaming yourself. It is 100% my fault, but that doesn’t change how fucked I am. I’m in you (Glasgow, not you yourself*) to do my show of stand up comedy called ComedySale.Com. It’s a show where I sell all the tickets by hand. And I’m fucked.
I’m fucked, because my voice has gone. A mono-lunged emphysematic atop of Everest has more vocal power than I. In space no […]

Comedy Sale London, we are on a break.

Hey guys, and ‘Woah!’, what the hell just happened? One minute I was plodding along doing an phenomenally innovative interactive digital comedy show called Comedy Sale, the next The Sunday Assembly just EXPLODES.
But srsly forks it has been a bizarre start to the year. In case you haven’t been following my Twitter feed, let me updart yow. On January 6th Pippa Evans and I had the first service of the Sunday Assembly – think part-foot […]

Comedy Sale: Wednesday 30th Jan

The next Comedy Sale is this Wednesday. As ever all the tickets are hand delivered so get in touch if you want to come. The venue is the Star of King’s in King’s Cross. The closest station is King’s Cross Tube. It starts at 8.30 pm.
How do you get a ticket? Either tweet @sandersonjones or use Facebook or use this handy contact page. I’ll be out delivering tomorrow, so let me know where you’ll be.
But […]

Good bye Australia, Hello London.

The great Australian adventure is over. Arriving in Sydney seven months ago how could I possibly foresee that on September 25th ComedySale.Com would be playing in the Sydney Opera House? Quite easily, now you ask. That was the plan from the get go. The entire point of the trip was to play the House (it’s what you call it when you’re in the know). Keep up.
Kate Tognolini was in crowd, she saw the show in […]

Sydney so far

In three weeks time I will be lying in bed, hungover, the night after I performed a show at the Sydney Opera House. HA HA HA HA HA HA.
That is ridiculous and should not be happening at all.
The odd thing is that I’ve had trying to play the House (as they call it) as my goal for so long now that it seems vaguely normal. I easily forget that I was cruising round the Pleasance […]

Sydney Comedy Sale: Launch Party (Aug 25th, 2 pm).

Goodbye Melbourne and “Hello Sydney!”. It’s my last day in Melbourne and I just can’t wait to get to Sydney. At last! Civilisation! Jeez, have you seen the sport they watch here? AFL! Remember, that AFL stands for You Have Got To Be Kidding Me – This Shit Is Boring.
The only thing worse than the sport is the people. Woah! “Hey, d’you got any mayonaise for those chips on your shoulders?”. As soon as they […]

Goodbye, Melbourne.

Today is my last day in Melbourne. [Cue violin soundtrack over grainy black and white slo montage of good times in Melbourne – Me, handing out flyers. Me, walking along Smith Street. Me, doing a show. Me, high fiving. Me, sharing a laugh with my housemtes. End montage].
It is a very sad day. Being in Melbourne for almost 5 months has been exceptional. I arrived here with a business model that involved doing one big […]

How Much Should Tickets To The Sydney Opera House Show Cost?

Ideas have a life of their own like socks, and remote controls. One moment you’re in the Pleasance Courtyard in 2010 chatting to punters and saying “Wouldn’t it be funny to do a big show having sold all the tickets by hand?”, the next you’re sitting in Melbourne trying to work out the appropriate price point for tickets to a performance in the Sydney Opera House.
Life, eh?
The goal of Comedy Sale Australia was to see […]

UPDATE: I am in Melbourne

Hey guys! Hello! How are you? Wow, you’ve put on SOOO much weight. Just kidding. You know me, J.K. Lolling and the ROFLosophers Bone.
Just wanted to do a quick update on Comedy Sale. The show, website, business is in a very nice place at the moment both physically, Melbourne, and mentally, I’m having a great time. I’m doing the show every week in a bar called the Soft Belly.
I spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday night […]

On Momentum

I’ve been back in Melbourne for a week now and I’m just starting to get going. Jetlag hasn’t helped matters that is for sure. But when you combine jetlag with my ability (some ability) to use any excuse not to work, mix it with some lack of momentum, then you’ve got a recipe for afternoon naps.
Sanderson Jones is sitting at his desk trying to get his weekly comedy night off the ground. He […]